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Bio-Gas project in Sri Lanka

11 March 2010: Work has commenced on a pilot Biogas Project at Jathika Pola - Narahenpita on the initiative of Colombo Chief City administrator, Omar Kamil and Colombo Municipal Commissioner Badrani Jayawardane.

The mediation of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority to reduce this problem by initiating a Biogas production project at the place where organic matter is mostly concentrated should be highly appreciated.

The pilot project will help CMC to reduce the City waste management problem and clear the way to proceed with the goal of a "Garbage Free" city by 2012 as directed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The daily accumulation of market waste in the Jathikapola is about one tonne. Since the biodegradable waste can be separated on the site itself, this location is deemed suitable to initiate a pilot biogas project. The project will generate approximately 72 kwh of electricity per day earning a monthly revenue of over Rs. 144,000 by way of generating electricity and organic fertilizer.

SLSEA is expected to earn back the total budget for the project of Rs 1.5 million within two years.

Source: Sri Lanka Times