About Us:

Fenix Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a process engineering and manufacturing company offering complete design and engineering solutions for plant and equipment for your needs on Distillation, Absorption, Extraction, Evaporation, Static & High-shear Mixing, Pusher Centrifuge and turnkey solution for Edible Oils & Biodiesel Distillation systems, Solvent recovery systems etc. Over the years FenixTM has developed an integrated engineering capability, which enables us to attain high efficiency in process design, detailed mechanical design, instrumentation & piping, process simulation and turnkey projects.

The manufacturing unit of FenixTM is fully equipped for fabrication of columns, all types of column internals, Heat Exchangers, variety of trays, internals for Oil & Gas and process equipments. Sophisticated machines and tools are employed in the manufacturing and assembly of Structured Packing. We are capable of carrying out fabrication from various MOCs like Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Duplex steels and Titanium.

High-end simulation packages help us in improving our client's process and plants.

Managed by technocrats with more than thirty years of cumulative experience in design, manufacturing, project management, marketing and human resources with Multinational and Indian Corporations, the company spread its markets to USA, Australia and other parts of the world. Within a very short span of two years the company became a competent challenger to other players in this sector in both domestic and export markets.

Our Portfolio:



FXPack: Structured Packings
                             Sheet metal packing, Wiremesh packing, Reactive distillation packing, Lab packing
                Random Packings
                             Saddle ring, Fenix ring, Pall ring, Cylindrical ring, C-rings, N-rings
FXInt : Internals for Distillation
                             Support Grids, Liquid Distributors, Liquid Redistributors, Liquid Collectors, Multi
                             Beam Supports, Bed Limiters etc.
FXTray : Distillation Trays
                             Sieve Trays, Fixed Valve Trays,Float Valve Trays, Bubble caps, Bubble Cap Trays,
                             Cartridge Trays
FXMist : Mist Eliminators
FX OGI : Internals for Oil & Gas
                             Vane Packs, Vane Inlet Devices, Cyclone Decks, Demisters, Coalescers, Defoamers,
                             Perforated Baffles, Sand Jet assemblies,Amine Contactors, TEG Dehydrators
FXMix : Static Mixers (in standard and exotic materials), High-Shear Mixers
FXPusher : Pusher Centrifuge
Turnkey Solutions : Edible Oil Refining, Biodiesel Production, Distillation Systems, Solvent Recovery Systems

FenixTM Advantages:

Continual interaction with customers right from inquiry stage
Basic Engineering : Process selection, Process flow diagram, P & I diagram,
                             Specifications of equipment, Operating instruction
Process Design & Simulation
Detailed engineering design of key components : Columns, Column internals, Heat Exchangers
Study : Feasibility study, Simulation study, Energy study
Testing : Distributor testing, Hydraulic testing
Tools used : 'AspenPlus' (version AspenONE 2006) for process simulation
                             'Designer's Desktop' for mechanical design of equipment
                             'TZValve' (version 5.0) for tray design and troubleshooting
                             'PCOL' (version 1.1) for random packing design and hydraulics
                             'FenixSieve' for sieve trays
                             'FenixBubble' for bubble cap trays
                             'FenixMist' for mist eliminators
                             'FenixMix' for static mixers


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Fenix Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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