A Vision Etched In Steel

Established in 1947, Tulsyan NEC Ltd is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company with a turnover of 700 Crores. The company has operations in Steel Manufacturing, HDPE/PP Woven Sacks, Power & Information Technology. Tulsyan NEC Steel is one of India's leading manufacturers of Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars. The company was initially known as the National Engineering Company until the early 90s, when it was renamed Tulsyan NEC. Today, Tulsyan is listed on the Indian stock exchange. Technology, quality and cost are three key focus areas for Tulsyan. Every TMT Bar that rolls out of the plant bears the stamp of quality on it. Tulsyan has been awarded the ISO and IS 1786/ 1985 certification in recognition of its pursuit of quality. Tulsyan Steel is registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards, and each TMT Bar is accompanied by a BIS Test Certificate. Tulsyan NEC bears the unique distinction of being the first licensed Rolling Mill in South India to produce TMT Bars. An integrated steel plant at Gummudipoondi Chennai facilitates a production of around 144,000 MT of MS Billets annually.

The two state-of-the-art Rolling Mills at Chennai have a capacity of 300,000 MT and 48,000 MT of TMT Bars annually of Grade Fe 415 and Fe 500 of sizes, ranging from 8 mm to 40 mm diameter. Tulsyan has also launched Fe 550 TMT Bars that offer the advantage of a huge reduction in cost while Tulsyan CRS TMT Bars have a greater advantage in saline environment.

Steel So True, It Speaks For Itself

Tulsyan TMT Bars have three vital characteristics that separate them from the rest - quality that speaks of the purity of steel, strength that speaks of an ability to withstand forces, and endurance, that gives it longevity. Tulsyan ensures this by focusing on 3 important parameters during the manufacturing process.

The raw material: Billets

Most CTD/TMT manufacturers use re-rollable scrap or Ms Ingots, which do not offer control over the property of the steel manufactured. At Tulsyan, the raw material is first converted into molten metal using a 20 MT furnace. This liquid steel is cast into billets in a billet caster, which are then rolled into TMT Bars at the automatic rolling mill.

The Unique Tempcore quenching process

The outer temperature of the bars is reduced from 1000 C to 450 C in half a second by intensive controlled cooling. This results in the surface being modified to tempered martensite and the core being transformed to ductile ferrite-pearlite.

Stringent quality testing

Stringent quality tests are conducted at every stage and the desired chemistry maintained right through the process. After manufacture, the products are carefully inspected at Spectrolab by an expert quality team and evaluated on various parameters like weight, tensile strength, elongation, bend capability and chemistry.

That's the reason why, when you invest in Tulsyan TMT Bars, you can be sure that you have invested in steel for life.

Bending Of Steel To Your Will

Tulsyan Steel is made from the finest quality raw materials through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. The Raw Material together with sponge iron is melted using furnaces in the presence of electric energy, alloys and oxygen then the impurities are removed and it is cast into the desired shapes. The final product of this phase is known as billets.

The Billets are reheated and passed through a roughing stand and then to fourteen continuous stands. These stands are with variable speed motor for getting optimum speeds and close rolling tolerances.

The bar then passes through a Quenching Box approved by Tempcore where it undergoes Thermo Mechanical Treatment to improve its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties like Yield Stress, Elongation, Bending and Tensile Strength.

Further it is cut into lengths by a flying shear to accommodate on a Rake Type of Cooling Bed. After the bar is cooled it is cut into fixed lengths as per customers requirement by a shearing machine.

Samples are drawn and tested for specific weight and mechanical properties every hour by 100 MT UTM machine and chemical properties at the Spectro Lab. The true test of quality is highlighted by Tulsyan’s ISI Certification (IS 1786) – an acknowledgement of its high quality standards. Tulsyan bars are accepted internationally as we roll to various International Standards i.e., BS 4449/ASTM A GR 60 etc.

Why Tulsyan

Quality That Stands Apart

The quality of steel can make all the difference between a construction that will last and one that cannot stand the test of time. That's exactly why Tulsyan Steel stands apart from the rest.

Bendability, Weldability and Bonding

The bars contain low carbon and high manganese, this ensures easy Weldability. The Bendability is also high as it make the steel very ductile. The special design of the bars provide excellent bonding between the bar and concrete for superior life.

Corrosion, Earthquake and Fire Resistance

Due to the special Quenching process Tulsyan TMT Bars are highly corrosion resistant and suited for coastal areas. High ductility and elongation make these bars earthquake resistant and suitable for use in seismic zones 4 and 5. Due to its composite structure it resists huge load and can also withstand high temperature ensuring safety.


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