Vizag Port to double cargo capacity

ProjectsToday: Visakhapatnam Port Trust has chalked out a plan to invest up to Rs 2,600 crore to double its cargo capacity from the current 52 million tonnes by 2012. The port trust will finance the plan through internal accruals and private investment.

The capacity increase will be through modernisation of existing facilities and creation of two new berths on BOT basis. The port trust has also taken up the mechanisation of coal handling at general cargo berth and mechanised fertiliser handling at EQ-7 berth; upgrading outer harbour to handle 200,000 DWT ships; and deepening of inner harbour entrance channel to cater to 12.5m draft vessels.

Evaluation of tenders are on for strengthening five berths in the inner harbour while a techno-economic study for east docks is being entrusted to Indian Ports Association

Published in Projectmonitor issue date 11 May 2009