In addition to project information, Projects Today's Special Research Team, also provides Customized Solutions -Specific to Your Company’s Needs

Premium Project Mapping (PPM) Service

  • Under Premium service, Projects Today will deploy its specialized research resources for mapping of projects identified by your company.
  • Information on selected projects is mapped as per a pre-defined template providing data points crucial for creating project opportunities.

Project Market Intelligence (PMI) Service

The MI service will augment the business development efforts of your company by:

  • Setting up a tailor-made research team
  • The team will map & track projects based on a pre-defined scope of work,
  • And identify project opportunities which are ready-to-approach sales prospect

Project Market Assessment (PMA) Service

  • Under this service, Projects Today will undertake project market assessment study by reaching out to the target stakeholders to know the potential and receptiveness of your product & services.
  • The study will not only help in understanding the viability of your product/service but also create an opportunity funnel.
  • This study is crucial for organizations intending to enter India and for companies planning market expansion or launching new products/services.

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