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India saw launching of 7,764 new projects, announcement of 30,730 project tenders and finalisation of 4,559 project contracts in April-December 2021. A company like yours will consider to make up the setbacks of 2020 at the earliest. Competition to bag new business opportunities will only intensify in coming months. Early movers will have the benefit of securing the upcoming new business opportunities. Make Projects Today your dependable business partner for identifying the upcoming business opportunities.
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The Q1-Q3/FY22 period saw announcement of 7,764 new projects with a total investment commitment of Rs 12,76,679 crore. Compared with the figures of the similar period of fiscal 2019-20 (pre-COVID) indicated a recovery in Capex activities with a healthy growth of 46.95 percent


During Q1-Q3/FY22, the private sector announced 3,357 new projects worth Rs 8,70,463 crore and accounted for around two-thirds of the total fresh investment announced. Of the 203 Megaprojects (investment of Rs 1000 crore or more) announced during Q1-Q3/FY22 period, 129 were by the private promoters


During Q1-Q3/FY22, the public sector announced 4,407 new projects worth Rs 4,06,216.14 crore indicating a fall of 7.81 percent when compared with the fresh investment announced during Apr-Dec 2019. The fall was mainly because of the deep cut in fresh investment by the state government agencies


During Q1-Q3/FY22, the public sector announced 4,407 new projects worth Rs 4,06,216.14 crore indicating a fall of 7.81 percent when compared with the fresh investment announced during Apr-Dec 2019. The fall was mainly because of the deep cut in fresh investment by the state government agencies


Of the five major sectors, the highest growth was seen in the manufacturing sector followed by the mining and the electricity sectors. The remaining two major sectors – Infrastructure and Irrigation registered decline of 3.26 percent and 63.66 percent over Q1-Q3/FY20


With the private sector at the forefront in the revival of projects investment, the bulk of fresh investment is seen in the manufacturing sector in the last two years. During the Survey period, the sector attracted 1,965 new projects worth Rs 5,27,081.15 crore. Within the manufacturing sector, sub-sectors like petrochemicals, refinery, cement, steel, electronics, and Automobiles garnered the bulk of the new investment proposals


Non-Conventional Power projects (mostly Solar and Wind based power projects) after dipping from Rs 54,182.96 crore in the first nine months of FY20 to Rs 22,188.33 crore in FY21 bounced back by an impressive 47.09 percent increase to Rs 79,700.30 crore during the Survey period


Fresh investment for the development of various infrastructure projects at Rs 5,70,417.01 crore indicated a fall of 3.26 percent when compared with the fresh investment figures of the pre-COVID period (Q1-Q3/FY20)


Fresh investment intentions in the roadways sector increased impressively in the last three years from Rs 85,599 crore during Q1-Q3/FY20 to Rs 1,26,007 crore during Q1-Q3/FY21 to Rs 1,79,203 crore in Q1-Q3/FY22 periods


Gujarat, mostly aided by 22 mega private projects worth Rs 1,77,007 crore, topped the state ranking table with 943 new projects worth Rs 2,31,315.7 crore. The state cornered around 18 percent of the total fresh investment emanated in the nine months ending December 2021


The third ranked Tamil Nadu emerged as the highest net gainer. As a result of the concerted efforts of the state government, the state managed to attract additional fresh investments of Rs 1,07,610 crore. This included 20 mega projects


Projects Today expects the revival seen in the fresh investment activities to gain pace in FY23. The healthy growth seen in the manufacturing and real estate sectors is expected to continue in FY23. Increased investment is anticipated in the roadways sector

Projects Today: Depository of Projects Information

Projects Today is a depository of new and on-going projects in India. If your business caters to projects in India, Projects Today will assist you in identifying business opportunities emanating in the form of new projects. With over 20 years of experience the Projects Today research team is adept in locating, collating and authenticating project information

Projects Today, over the years, has served thousands of clients by identifying new projects and project related tenders and contracts related to their businesses. We also help our clients in mining projects, tenders, orders of their interest added/updated in the database by imparting tailor-made trainings during the subscription period.

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Projects Today covers Projects in each Sector across India


Projects : 181

86,540 Crore


Projects : 168

1,22,538 Crore


Projects : 1642

7,48,829 Crore

Commercial Complexes

Projects : 1,187

1,55,692 Crore

Drugs & Pharma

Projects : 647

39,561 Crore

Electricity & Distribution

Projects : 529

12,11,735 Crore

Food Processing

Projects : 406

44,386 Crore


Projects : 1,210

1,65,408 Crore


Projects : 492

6,19,473 Crore

Real Estate

Projects : 4,681

6,55,899 Crore


Projects : 6,202

16,15,438 Crore

Water Supply & Distribution

Projects : 1,862

2,80,949 Crore


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