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Introducing Projects Today – KPO

Projects Today KPO service is designed to serve government and private agencies engaged in implementation of capital investment projects to track projects of their choice. With over 18 years of excellent track record, we have developed the ability to identify projects across 400+ sectors and sub-sectors, connect with thousands of project owners and stakeholders to gather the latest developments on their projects. We also have the essential skills and experience to manage large project data collected from various agencies.

Need for project monitoring

Project monitoring is a definite need for any government or private agency, but it is extremely challenging to keep track of hundreds and thousands of projects on a real time basis.

In India, cost and time overruns in project execution are common factors in government projects. The private sector has its own list of woes when it comes to project implementation. As a result, the project life cycle not only becomes elongated but at times projects get stalled or abandoned.

Regular monitoring of projects, which are either under execution or in the pipeline, will help the state agencies in-charge of attracting project investments to establish an investor-friendly domain and help the existing project promoters to execute their projects on time.

For instance, timely follow-up with promoters of newly signed MoU’s will help in understanding their concerns and needs, resulting in better conversion and faster fructification of projects.

  • Superior monitoring results for more effective implementation
  • Prevents cost and time overrun
  • Develops investment ecosystem to attract fresh investments
  • Displays investment landscape of a state to potential investors
  • Enhances inter-departmental coordination and information sharing
  • Improves the conversion of MoUs
  • Identify capital investment projects
  • Track and monitor projects in the pipeline
  • Keep track of MoUs
  • Upkeep of the existing project databank
  • Building promoters and influencers databank
  • Project Market Intelligence and insights
  • Transport Infrastructure (Rail, Road, Air, Sea, Urban Infra)
  • Manufacturing
  • Power (Generation, Transmission & Distribution)
  • Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream & Downstream)
  • Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Institutional)
  • Irrigation (Dams & Canals)
  • Water (Supply & Effluent treatment)
  • Mining
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