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Welcome to Projects Today your premier source for comprehensive information on new and ongoing projectsin India.

Since our establishment on September 8, 2000, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing invaluable insights and foresight to our clients through our extensive database.

Our Mission
  • At Projects Today, our mission is to empower businesses by equipping them with sector-specific project insights derived from the expertise of our research team.
  • Our unwavering research efforts are dedicated to tracking ongoing investment activities across India's diverse economic sectors.
  • Our project-related information serves as a valuable marketing resource, facilitating the growth and development efforts of organizations directly or indirectly connected with India's dynamic projects market.
  • We are a trusted resource within the project community, primarily recognized for identifying lucrative business opportunities.
Our Mission
Our Research Efforts
Our Research Efforts
  • Projects Today is powered by a highly skilled and competent research team with specialized expertise in both secondary and primary research domains.
  • Our secondary research team diligently collects project information from a wide array of sources, while our primary research team rigorously validates this data before presenting it to our subscribers.
  • This rigorous and meticulous process ensures the creation of a comprehensive overview of capital investment projects, whether they are in the planning stage or actively under implementation from their conceptualization to completion.
  • This dedication ensures that you can access detailed information on all investment projects, right here on our portal.
Who Benefits from Projects Today?
Our platform caters to a diverse audience, directly addressing sales and marketing professionals in the manufacturing and service industries, as well as individuals in finance, consultancy, academia, and research.
Projects Today serves as the go-to resource for the entire project stakeholder community, including Contractors, Consultants, Architects, Vendors, Lenders, Media, Policy makers, and Project Promoters.
We take pride in serving as a bridge connecting various stakeholders in the projects landscape.
Exploring Business opportunities
  • For contractors, manufacturers, and service providers, Projects Today is an invaluable resource to explore new business opportunities.
  • Projects can be filtered by specific milestones, such as Pre-Environment Clearance, Pre-Design & Specification, Pre-Contractor Appointment, Contractors On-board, and Construction Commenced. Other filters include Sectors, States, Ownership, and cost.
  • We also list Project Tenders floated by government agencies and private companies during project implementation, along with key information and scanned images of tender notices and documents.
  • Additionally, we cover project contracts awarded, creating clear avenues for expanding business opportunities.
Exploring Business opportunities
Informed Decision-Making
  • Our platform helps you gauge the direction and distribution of investment flows in different sectors, states, regions, and districts of India.
  • We aggregate project investments based on industry, region, ownership, and project implementation stage, and also provide insights into FDI approvals and inflows.
  • This information is invaluable for academicians, prospective investors, and policy-makers when planning investment strategies.
Beyond Project Information
  • In addition to detailed project information, Projects Today offers a range of supplementary resources.
  • We provide information on Project Tenders, Contracts Awarded, Project Leads, Market Intelligence, Project Statistics, and Investment-related policies and guidelines issued by various Central and State government agencies.
  • Our platform also delivers news across various industrial and service sectors.
Monthly e-Magazine
  • Projects Today releases a Monthly e-Magazine, offering concise summaries of new project announcements, tender information, finalized contracts, macroeconomic developments impacting project investment, and economic and project statistics that become available during the month.
  • This e-Magazine complements the real-time micro-level information provided on our online platform.
Monthly e-Magazine
Survey of Project Investment
Survey of Project Investment
  • At the end of every financial quarter, Projects Today conducts a Survey of Project Investment.
  • The findings, comprising incisive analysis and related statistics, are not only published in our Monthly e-Magazine but are also available on our website in the dedicated "Survey" section.
  • At, we are committed to being your trusted partner in navigating India's vibrant projects landscape. Join us on this journey of discovery, growth, and opportunity.
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