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Launched in September 2000, Projects Today, along with providing information on projects, project tenders, project orders, etc., also provides the following services.

Workspace is a personalized area in the Projects Today website created by a user to store the projects of his choice and monitor their progress on a continual basis. The changes happened in the projects of user’s choice can be viewed through the time-window provided in the workspace. The user is also informed about the changes through email.

The workspace mechanism is designed in such a manner that a subscriber is not only told the new developments in the projects he has already identified but also about new projects announced which meets his business prospects criteria.
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PT-Analytics offers the investment data aggregates for the last 17 years, spread across 67 quarterly data points. A user may choose any Survey point and view the aggregates for the parameters he has chosen (i.e. Industry by Implementation, State by Implementation, State by Ownership, etc…)

A user can also view the flow of outstanding projects investment at a quarter point (i.e. March, June, Sept, Dec) over the last 17 years.
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Projects Today Market Intelligence (PMi) was launched in June 2014 to meet specific demands of the marketing divisions of companies targeting project stakeholders. The PMi research team first understands a client’s business and then make concerted efforts for identification of those business leads (qualified opportunities) which can be cashed in readily.
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The KPO service of Projects Today aims to assist state and central government agencies in up keeping their projects database; foreign institutions with periodical updates on projects of their choice; Indian companies in expanding their market share by identifying new markets.

In the recent years, we have assisted, the DEA and Invest India in up keeping their projects database/websites.
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In this current era, there is a massive paradigm shift from traditional marketing to digital media. Step into the world of Digital Marketing and experience the power of the global phenomenon that is the Internet. 'Creating a digital presence is no longer an option for a brand, it has turned into a necessity as majority of your audience is online. PT - EAD Cosmos will help you to be in the realm of awareness online and get connected to your audience and potential business partners, who too are eager to get connected and expand their businesses. We offer 360 degree digital marketing services with result oriented approach.
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Over the years, PT has built a vast people database of VFC-CAMPP (vendors, financers, contractors, consultants, architects, media, policy makers and project promoters) community. The community will be involved in projex of over $1.3 trillion (Rs 1008 lakh crore) in the coming 10-15 years.

If you want to communicate about your company, your products/services to this community, DMS is the right vehicle for you. At a very cost effective manner along with broadcasting your products and services, DMS will also help you in establishing your presence among the vast project community.
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Project Alert is India's widely circulated publication that gives authenticated information on 60 new projects every week. The e-magazine covers diverse economic segments, ownership groups and Indian geographies.

In a nut shell, it offers 60 business opportunities for the vast MSME community and startups.
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